Our Training Programmes

We work with organisations and governments to train their teams to deliver dialogic book-sharing courses to parents and pre-school teachers. Book-sharing is most effective when done with wordless, or text-light picture books, which we produce and make available to our partners. 

Our partners either deliver the full book-sharing courses, or work with us to integrate book-sharing into their existing programmes.

Full courses

The full book-sharing course for parents comprises 8 weekly sessions of 90-minutes. The course for pre-school teachers is 4 weekly sessions of 60-minutes. In each session, parents and pre-school teachers learn specific techniques through watching and discussing videos with a facilitator, and they are supervised practicing with children what they have learned.

WATCH: The first video of the 4-part course for pre-school teachers. 

We train facilitators over 4 – 5 days in small groups, and provide ongoing mentorship through a structured support programme. We can train facilitators of any education level as long as they can read, have basic computer skills (such as using PowerPoint), and have experience teaching adults.     

Integrated programmes

We also work closely with partners to integrate book-sharing into their own specific activities. For example, we have worked with :

  • Western Cape Department of Health in South Africa to teach parents about book-sharing in public clinics;

  • City of Cape Town Libraries, training all children’s librarians in Cape Town to use book-sharing in their summer programme; and

  • University of Gottingen to deliver the book-sharing course as a home-visiting programme in Bihar, India. 


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