All young children will enjoy quality nurturing relationships that support early stimulation to realise their full developmental potential

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Our Mission

We aim to strengthen young children’s support networks, by delivering quality training, support and materials on evidenced based ECD interventions, so that primary caregivers can provide children with nurturing cognitive and

socio-emotional support.

The Mikhulu Child Development Trust bridges the gap between academic research on parenting, and families and the networks that support them. We are at the forefront of promoting evidence-based early childhood development in South Africa; and in particular, advancing an innovative programme called ‘dialogic book-sharing’.

Relationships that are nourishing help nurture resilient and curious children, and any caregiver – regardless of their formal education – can provide this support when given the right tools. We work with organisations and government to integrate our programmes into the services they offer families, and promote further research into book-sharing interventions.

We are a registered Non-Profit Company (2017/464907/08) and Public Benefit Organisation (930060969) in South Africa and we are a registered charity in the United Kingdom (Mikhulu Trust - UK Charity No. 1158733).