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Mikhulu Trust

We are a non-profit organisation that helps parents provide the best support for their young children’s development.

We conduct and support research, develop training materials and other resources for parents and children, and train and license organisations to deliver our programmes.

Three features distinguish our programmes:

  • They are delivered to primary caregivers, regardless of their level of formal education;
  • They are designed for carers of very young children; and
  • They have been rigorously evaluated in randomised control trials.


Currently our work is focussed on two parenting interventions that we have developed and evaluated:


Supportive Book-sharing:

We believe the challenge of improving access to quality early childhood education in South Africa cannot be addressed without empowering primary caregivers.

We have developed a set of programmes that teach parents specific techniques for stimulating their children’s cognitive and social development through focused engagement with picture books.


Thula Sana:

Poverty and the associated adversity place a great strain on parenting. This can be especially problematic in the early weeks and months of an infant’s life.

We have developed a home-visiting programme for pregnant and newly delivered mothers. Its purpose is to enhance maternal sensitivity and to promote secure infant attachment.


Both our Supportive Book-Sharing programme and the Thula Sana intervention have been adopted by the World Health Organisations Parenting for Life Long Health initiative.


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